Our terms and conditions

Registration – Reservations – Rules

  • Reservations for lessons can be made by internet or at the office of the Swiss Ski School (ESS) in Morgins.
  • The total payment is due once your booking is complete and validates the registration.
  • If your lessons take place during a school holiday period, we strongly recommend booking at least a month beforehand if possible.
  • The prices in Euros are indicative and may vary according to the current exchange rate.

Group lessons

  • For group lessons, if you have booked by Internet, phone or email, please visit the ski school office to collect the lesson ticket and the bib before the start of lessons.
  • Group lessons are provided for a minimum of 4 participants. In the case of a smaller number of participants, the period of the lessons may be shortened accordingly.
  • The ESS Morgins form classes from 5 to 8 participants for group lessons. It is possible that during busy holiday periods the classes may extend up to a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Concerning group lessons, if the technical level or the independence of the student does not correspond to the level of the chosen class, the ESS Morgins retains the right to change the student to the appropriate level. No refund or compensation will be made in this case.
  • For total beginners, the group lessons can only start on Sunday or Monday.
  • The Snow garden is a reserved area for the ESS Morgins only. It is a safe and friendly environment managed by our trained ski instructors for children of 5 years and younger.
  • The ESS Morgins reserves the right to restrict access to the Blue League to children from the age of 6 and offers an intermediate league known as "jeunes cracks/young champions" for young competent skiers.
  • The ESS Morgins retains the right to limit the minimum age for black league groups to 12 years.
  • The ESS Morgins cannot guarantee the achievement of the desired Swiss Snowsports medal at the end of a week of group lessons if all of the required criteria has not been met by the student. However, the ESS does guarantee a high quality of ski education following the Swiss Snow League and the commitment of its professional ski instructors.
  • The ESS Morgins retains the right to modify an established program if necessary.
  • The ESS Morgins declines all responsibility in the case of accident. Medical insurances and civil liability are the client's responsibility.
  • The participants must carry the lesson ticket and the appropriate lift pass for all lessons.
  • The ski pass, hands free card and Swiss Snow League medals are not always included in the price*.


1) The snow garden ski pass is included in the price
2) The ski pass is included in the package price.
3) The Swiss Snow League medals are included in the group lesson price and on request for minimum 6 hours of private lessons.

Private lessons

  • Private lessons can be booked in the Morgins ski school office, or by telephone or email.
  • The ESS Morgins retains the right to limit certain times for private lessons during busy high season holiday periods but will do their best to accommodate your choice.


  • The ESS Morgins declines all responsibility for the quality and liability of the ski equipment used by students.
  • Helmets are compulsory for children and strongly recommended for adults. The ESS Morgins retains the right to protect children with a helmet if not already provided.
  • For the Freestyle, Freeride or race lessons, helmets are compulsory and a dorsal protection is recommended.

Refunds – cancellations – modifications

  • The lessons take place in all weather, therefore the weather conditions are not a reason for cancellation if the activity is guaranteed by the ESS. The ESS retains the right to suggest an alternative activity in the case of exceptionally bad weather conditions. No refunds or compensation will be made in these circumstances.
  • For group and private lessons, the bookings can be modified according to availability with minimum 48h notice.
  • The lessons are only refunded in the case of entire closure of the lift system or in the case of accident/illness on presentation of a medical certificate.
  • All cancellations may be entirely refunded if made at least 7 days before the lesson. Failing this, the entire amount will not be refunded and must be paid.
  • No refund or changes can be made if the student is absent or late for the beginning of the lesson in question.

Covid 19

  • In the event of an exceptional closure of the ski area or in the event of the inability to provide services due to COVID-19, a voucher for the corresponding amount will be offered to you without any administration fees.